Why I’m not pro-breast-feeder the second time around.


 I would like to start of by saying this is my experience and opinions. Every mother and baby are different if you can relate to my post that’s great, if not, please share in comments below. 

My first daughter I breastfed till she was 13 months old. This was the right thing to do, the healthy thing to do, The best thing to do, because breast is best.

I was dead set on breastfeeding my second one untill she was atleast two years old. Sadly only 6months of that two years was completed.

It’s okay to stop at six months….

My second breastfeeding journey brought along a lot of struggles. I got mastitis and thrush, I had bleeding nipples, the works!! I must mention I had none of these with my first breastfeeding journey so I felt like I’m a new mommy all over again.

I had a hard time accepting that my breastfeeding journey with my youngest and maybe even my last baby would end so quickly after I was so positive that I would breastfeed her until she was at least two years old.

After a while, I did realize that she wouldn’t die if she went on to formula, she wouldn’t be any different from if she was bottle- or breastfeed when she grows up. It doesn’t make her smarter, my oldest could show us her toes and ears at 10 months, I thought that it was mommies milk that made her so clever, but it was not the case, because her niece that was also breastfed till 11months, turns one in a couple of days and she still doesn’t know where her toes are.

So today I tell you!

  • Your baby will live if she had formula, even top-up
  • Breast milk doesn’t make them smarter
  • It doesn’t make them any healthier


I feel that they don’t really have a super immune system with breastmilk because With the winter finally getting to an end and signs of spring is in the air, my youngest was the only one that hardly got sick this winter, the two who had only breastmilk, they were sick all winter!

Any type of natural food is, of course, way better, but if you really can’t or don’t want to do it, be honest, just tell people that breastfeeding isn’t for you. You don’t have to blame your body or the doctor, this is your free choice.

If you are ready for this breastfeeding journey do not let this post scare you off. My first breastfeeding journey was wonderful, I had none of the problems above and I was so proud to breastfeed. But if you face the struggles I have with my second daughter, do not let anyone make you do something, you don’t want to do.


 Always get the help you need before finally giving up.

Breastfeeding counselors are great and if you have any problems with breastfeeding and you really want to continue breastfeeding, they are there to help you in any way they can.

My advice would be to go straight to the professional. I’ve seen on many of these facebook mommy groups that give the wrong advice or too much, and can be overwhelming for a new mother.I once asked a question; “My daughter keeps on waking every half hour crying, I’m a breastfeeding mom, and I don’t know whats wrong.”

and I got 30 different answers, at the end I was more confused than before about what I should do.I was told to told top-up, feed on demand, drink pills to make more milk and gosh I cannot remember everything. I later just followed my gut that something else was wrong because I had an oversupply of milk. I took her to the doctor and we end up finding out that she has a bladder infection, so there was nothing wrong with my milk supply and she was getting enough. That is why I personally would recommend getting advice from a professional that can ask you the right questions, see your latch with your baby and diagnose from there.


Fed is best all around, doesn’t matter what you do if you breast- or bottelfeed, this is your life and your baby. Most improtant thing is that you are happy so that baby can be happy.




  1. I agree, fed is best. I personally fought to breastfeed my daughter no matter how difficult it was or the problems that arose. I supplemented formula with her for the first few months and exclusively pumped during that time due to a latch issue. I went on to breastfeed her for 14 months. It is a huge accomplishment for me to provide that for my daughter. She had GERD and reacted poorly to all the formulas we tried with her.

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  2. Great job Breastfeeding your 1st and your second , even if it was an entirely different experience. However, I think it’s pretty Amazing that you fed your babies, I always say Fed is Best!

    I also agree that having a support group ; especially trained professionals can help feeding and caring for your baby. It can even help with transitioning postpartum.

    Great post!


    • Yes! Having professional help is best, even receiving help from someone that bf for 14-20 months can give wrong advice.. I take myself for instance, With my first I was all breastfeeding, there is always away, no excuses. With my second one I lived through the troubles and hassles of breastfeeding so now I’m more open minded

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