Starting over

I recently joined a company that is paying me to be healthy. I’m grabbing this with both hands and not letting go….

The last month or so I was feeling down and disappointed by the company I joined over two years ago. I’m not going to mention any company names as I don’t want to make the one better than the other because I’m still staying apart of the old company because I love their beauty products, they are just amazing, it is just the uplines (people above me) makes it hard for me to enjoy it anymore.


I just love leadership and sales. Sales have been in my blood from the start, I have always been in sales or taking control and leading other and helping them in my previous jobs. I’ve tried doing a different route but it is hard for me. Even with this blog, I had to add this catalog of beauty and health because once again, I needed something to sell or control and lead people.

But getting back to this new opportunity, so I’ve been with the previous company for two years, and I’m telling you, I got nowhere, I kept on lying to myself and I was lied at, at how much and when I will earn more than $200 (R2600), I’ve never gotten there and still haven’t. I left a good paying but full time (like Saturday working) job for a small business and this company on the side to be able to one day stay at home with my kids.

I was happy with my payments till the house hold grew from 3 to 4…..

I was happy with my payment of $100 (R1200) or less for the time being when I was still pregnant with lollies, my youngest. She was born and suddenly the groceries got more, the medical aid got more, life insurance, funeral plans and every thing you can think of got more! I never realized how much cost will come with a new baby. She is on cloth and I do save money on that, but I only breastfed her for 6months, because the manager at this company wanted me out on the field and joining meetings for two hours, when can I pump, where? if we are walking the streets, asking people if they want to join.

So I gave up breastfeeding at 6months. Now we have to buy formula and that is more money out of our pockets. This company wasn’t cutting it for me anymore and I had to make a plan. I then found out about blogging, but sitting late nights, writing and thinking of blogs also had it tolls, I can’t get this blog off its feet because I don’t have the time, with two kids, full-time job, and leadership in a company, it was too much!!

I was just about to give up everything and then I saw a post on a mamahood facebook page, a mom asking if you make real money with this networking companies. I just sent my email and number out to see what was available out there, I was looking for something new! I got inboxed by a lot of women all wanting me to join their company.

At first, I was like irritated and thinking why the heck will you leave your contact detail on a comment like that, but this one lady caught my eye with her adds, at first I thought, damn woman lay of the adds, your spamming my WhatsApp (Andrea if you’re reading this, sorry hun, I love you now though) But I thought to myself, maybe she has something good. To make a long story short, we skyped, talked for two hours IN THE COMFORT OF MY OWN HOME! and I fell in love with this new company.

Getting paid to stay healthy, how great is that. Getting paid to stay home with your kids, give them a better future and learning them to live healthily. a Company that helps you get rich, live healthily and makes your goals and dreams come true. Do not be fooled, it is still hard work and you need to work your butt off. Man, I just love the formality the professionalism of this company, for the first time in two years I feel like I’m a real business woman and I get great training. I’m not being pushed in to how many I can recruit in a month, I’m being pushed to first learn the business and do sales of my own, before training someone else.

Starting over from scratch, getting new customers for new products is not easy and I have been praying each night to be blessed and let this work because I really want this to work so bad. I want to be home, I want to work for myself. I had this dream for a really long time, and just having it out of reach is so frustrating, but I know all my hard work will pay off.













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