Hats off for single mothers

This past week I got more respect for single mothers.


Since Thursday I was alone with the two girls. My husband, Paul, was on a hunting trip for the weekend, and boy can I now relate to single mothers, and the respect they get from me.

I don’t mind watching the girls, looking after them alone, but it is a real struggle when they are ill. Both girls are under the age of four years old, so you can’t exactly tell them to do this and that when they are sick.

I saw on Thursday that I would have my hands full, but didn’t think it will get this bad.

Thursday morning Lin got up with a runny tummy, I didn’t think much of it and she went of to school. I was at work and Paul would be off on his hunting trip that afternoon. I got the car for the day of course because I had to pick up Lin from school.

By 3pm Lin’s teacher called me and told me that Lin had soiled all her cloths and that I should bring a fresh pair. I decided to go fetch her instead, because if she had a stomach flue I didn’t want it to spread to the kids in her class. At home she was fine, playing and laughing, just a runny tummy.

That night….

I always wondered why stomach flues get worse at night than in the day. Well that night was a long night of diaper changing each hour and cleaning up vomit. Friday I stayed home with her, but she was hunky dory like it never happen. Friday went by quick and I got a load of stuff done around the house.

Friday night we went to eat at my mother’s house and I didn’t feel well, I thought it was the birth-control and brushed it off. I didn’t sleep at all Friday night because, Lollies, my youngest now turning 8 months in a weeks time, was up all night crying and being fussy.

By Saturday I was tired and cranky, I had a rage of anger, but I work through it by cleaning. Lollies was crying, Lin was nagging and I spring cleaned the house. By the afternoon Lin went to visit her Granddad, and I had some quite time with the youngster. I suddenly began to feel light headed, I couldn’t even take down the washing,it had to hang on the washing line till the next morning. Lollies suddenly started to bring up her food and I had to change her nappy almost every half and hour and it became a runny poop, and I knew it, she had the stomach flue.

We ate at my mom’s place again, Lucky me.We went home and that is when I started feeling nauseous and had stomach pains. You know by now, I’m home alone, the kids need to bath and get put to bed and I can hardly stand.I read them the shortest bible verse in the bible and said half a prayer and off to bed I went.

My troubles did not end there! My youngest sleeps on her tummy, (from the age of two months) and I had to remove the bottle from her cot as well or it will leak, so I took the bottle out and I took my daughter and that moment turning her on her stomach, fresh 180 ml of milk came streaming out like I spilled a glass of milk.(gross I know, to much detail? then your on the wrong blog my friend.)

I picked her up quickly so that her clothes wouldn’t get wet and then the second load, who knows where that came from, came bursting out. So it ended up me getting into new PJ’s and getting her dressed again, and it is still winter, luckily she went right back to sleep in our bed, but me with my weak body had to clean out her cot and wash the floors, before I could slump back in bed.

This was a terrible weekend. I could not imagine doing this alone all the time. All the single mothers out there, you are a real bad-ass woman, being able to take care of the kids and your house. I didn’t even have to make dinner at night and I had a hard time coping to get everything done.
I love taking care of my babies, but I just love that I have a loving husband that helps me, and I can just thank God every day for his blessings towards us. 



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