Why I potty-trained so late

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just for illustration

Potty training is a must at two years old….

I am here to tell you it is not…..

I have heard horror stories, really horrible stories of what moms do, to get their babies to potty train from 18months! I felt angered and discussed, I almost fell in that evil trap of getting the diaper off the bum before or on 2years old.

Trust me, when I tell you buying diapers for five more extra months, wouldn’t kill you, you’ve been buying them for 24 months already!

Sorry I know I’m shouting a lot in this post, but ugh, I get so frustrated. Potty training is a milestone on its own, just like walking, talking and back chatting. They realize themselves that it is time to start getting on the potty and walking around with a wet or soiled nappy is no more fun. This mile stone happens around two years and five or seven months. That is why I waited until the end to finally put her directly on the toilet, (had to cause I tossed out the potty, read about that just now) because she understood things way better, it’s amazing how quickly their brains develop in just 5months.

But getting back to me falling for that trap of potty training on two years, like bam, it’s your birthday, take off that nappy.

We had fights, I was walking around with the mop like it was a cane, cause I would watch her with a hawks eye and ask her every 3minuts, do you want to go peepee? and I all I got was a no, but as soon as I turned my back to do something else besides walking after my daughter like a duckling, she would go.. Forcing her to go potty every 5 minutes was horror! she was in tears, I was angry and so frustrated at one point I threw the potty out the door and told her, now she can do her stuff in the bush like a baboon.

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I asked for advice on motherhood Facebook pages, every single one of them, and I got the same advice, to time her and to take her to the bathroom every 3minutes, then 5mintues and you get the picture, I’m sure you got the same advice at some point in your life. If it worked for you great stuff, If it didn’t stick around because I’m bringing an E-book out very soon on how I got my daughter to potty train in two days at the age of two years and seven months.


(shouting again)

Follow this beautiful short link to my Pinterest board and print it out to use as a weekly calendar for your potty training daughter. I simply just made notes on each block. If she finally asked me to go number 1 or 2, how long after she had something to drink should I ask her to go potty.

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  1. Not having kids, I had no idea it was such a tricky task to potty train. Gosh, it sounds terribly stressful all round and I’m glad you found a better way with your daughter.


    • Just waiting for that mile stone is the most important thing when potty training! Moms these day want their kids to grow up way to fast so that they can get on with their lives and it’s such a shame!!


  2. Aw! This photograph just melted my heart. How cute! I think your daughters are going to have such a great time reading these posts and laughing about their baby years once they are older.


  3. There should be no hurry for potty training, its all okay even if a child crosses this milestone 2 months later. Though my child was potty trained in less than 2 years, but I took all of it very easily and upto his comfort.


    • Some just reach it way quicker. But for us I had to wait, and the wait was so worth it.. because the friday I took off her daiper, that Saturday morning she was potty trained, only had one accident. She is now 3 and beem waking up at night to go , so night time training is also around the corner ❤️


  4. Very cute photo of innocent little girl. I also strongly believe that let kids learn by their own and sometimes they learn accidentally also these basic things in much better way. Beautifully expressed.


  5. Seriously speaking, I have no idea about the topic, however, it is interesting to read. I’ve seen my uncle doing such work. And I was going through the same feeling: “tricky task to potty train”.


  6. Another reason why I definitely don’t want kids any time soon haha. Glad you eventually found your peace with her potty training 🙂


  7. I completely agree with you and can relate to the struggle too. My story is little different…she was potty trained at 2-and-half-years but then one fine day constipation started due to teething or may be some other reason. My daughter became so stressed that she wanted to pass stool only in diapers and I was back to square one. But fortunately time passed and now she is fully trained, though she only does it in her IKEA potty seat. Great post…this reassurance is required for every new parent!


  8. That’s a genius way to do it- but how did you pin it without posting here first? Also, I would say that girls tend to potty train faster but trying to force it seems hard on the kids.


  9. I remember when my kids were little and people were always telling me what they should be doing at this age or that. After a while it made me anxious because I thought, I’m doing it all wrong. Finally, I decided to simply live life however it unfolded for us. My son was almost 3 when he showed an interest and it. I don’t remember it ever being a struggle and he caught on quicker than those families who’d made it into a big deal. x


  10. We are just starting potty training and I think every child is different so when he is ready it will work. No pressure. Toddlers are taking so much in at age two and when they are forced to get on the potty, it is counter productive.


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