fighting postpartum depression

I was half way through this blog and got ready to post it, but then I went to Church…..


I started this blog with the most important aspect of helping with your PPD , it was to go see a medical practitioner (doctor). I was dead set on that this is what you need to do because that is what I did. But then I went to church.

I scratch my previous draft and now I’m rewriting it with a totally different mind set. When suffering from postpartum depression you first need to find your way back to God. this morning I sat there listening to the priest giving his testimonial and I was in tears. He talked about how you need to give your problems to God, how he can calm you in your fear. God calmed the sea with the fishermen and God helped Peter walk on water.

But what caught my attention the most was the prayer inside this piece, asking God to save you, I felt like going on my knees right there and then and ask God to save me.


This was so powerful I felt I had to share this. Find God and you will find peace.

You still need medical help, of course, I don’t want to mislead you thinking that a prayer alone can save you. God is powerful enough to save you in prayer but he gives us guidelines to be saved, He works in mysterious ways. Getting medical help will help you have a clear head to be able to turn to God for help, but staying true to God asking Him to be with you lead you to the ocean,”walk on water” is important.


On the medical side of postpartum depression, you need to see a doctor to prescribe you with the right anti-depression medication. I don’t have the severe type of depression so I use natural supplements to help me cope and feel better.


Folic acid:

keep using folic acid after birth, it doesn’t just help from your hair falling out so much after birth, it also keeps your libido up, and reduces cancer, depression and your chances of having a heart attack when you are older.

Vitamin b complex:

This is a natural energy drink. I take this on a daily basis, it keeps my energy levels up and I don’t feel so tired and worn out. I also help with that bad break out skin some women get after pregnancy, helps wounds to heal faster (if you had a c-section, or cut) and of course, it helps with anxiety that causes depression.

Omega 3 & 6

We all know it, they are great for brain development, makes you smart! but did you know that being able to concentrate better reduces your stress levels by 55%? Omega 3 and 6 help with attention and depressive disorders, and a bonus it is great for your skin and hair.

I also drink an extra supplement that is called stress-away, this is when I feel really down and out. This supplements should be like your birth-control, you need to take them every day for them to work effectively. of course, you don’t even have to buy them in pill forms, you can go ahead and google search the natural foods that have these supplements in them. The reason why I prefer the tablets is simple, I take them twice a day and I know I have the needed goods to make me feel good.

Take a nap, to reboot your energy levels, get some fresh air, get clean oxygen into your bloodstream.

I have one last tip. I found that it worked wonders for me, Wash your Hair!!!


Trust me on this one, wash your hair, give yourself a good head massage and use a mint scented or vanilla/lavender scented shampoo, it will improve your mood in minutes.
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  1. So glad that you found Jesus! He loves us to pieces and so much! 🙂 I hope you are doing better now and getting the support you need.


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