PPD is real

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    Warning this post contains content that may be disturbing to sensitive readers, please do not continue to read if you are under the age of 16

    Do not be afraid, speak up, get help before it is too late

    The silent killer amongst women, is it real? does it lurk beneath the surface like a great white shark awaiting its prey, grasping it from beneath unexpected or is it like some good men say, it’s a tall tale, a myth, some excuse not to look after the children.Well, I’m here to tell all those “Good men” that it is real and that every woman out there is and will struggle with it at some point of their motherhood.

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What is the trigger to this silent killer and why isn’t it talked about so openly?

Postpartum depression can hit at any time, during infancy, baby months or toddler years. I truly believe that the cries of a child cause it, I know the statics and doctors say that it is the sudden change in hormones after birth that causes depression,but I have read a lot of articles surrounding baby blues and I haven’t read anywhere that a mom has depression with a baby that has no silent reflux or colic, sleeps through the night and that feeds and poops on queue. (If you had PPD, with an “easy” baby, please don’t mind my statement.)


I myself suffer from this, just mildly but still enough to do some damage to my relationship with my daughters and husband. So why don’t we speak up about it? well for many years have women struggled to achieve the same level of respect as men.Being seen as a weak human is the last thing we as women want, so each one of us thinks that we can fight this silent killer on our own. Many of us suppress it, keep it together and pretend that we do not struggle with depression.

DSC_0894 My two daughters were easy when they were babies, younger babies, I never had to struggle with silent reflux or colic and both of them slept through the night almost straight away.

Now you wondering how can I struggle from PPD?

Well, my depression kicked in when they started to get more mobile, needing more attention than usual, it started with Lin, my oldest when she was about 5months old and my husband decided he needs to go to the gym at night to look good again. Lin gets growing pains and she cried a lot through her mile stones, kept on waking up every two to three hours during the night, she would cry as soon as I got home with her, I couldn’t clean the house or start dinner because she wouldn’t let me put her down and worst of all, my husband, was at the gym till 7 pm at night, this meant that I had to clean the house, start up dinner and bath the baby all by my self.These events triggered my first emotions of feeling depressed.

The turning point for me was when I saw a video of my self, shouting at Lin to leave something on my table, I grabbed her by the arm and shouted her to go away, she was just under two years old. At the moment when it happened, I did not realize what I looked like or how it sounded, but seeing that play back, seeing yourself on the computer screen acting up like that with a 2year old scared me to death. I got the help I needed and it got better, till now that Lollies, my youngest is 7months old, but this time I caught it in time.


Postpartum can be life threatening for you and your baby, a few weeks back We had an incident in Limpopo where a mother smashed her babies head in on the hospital floor. she literally just went in the baby room took the baby and smashed its head against the floor at only 7days old.

Article link:


This may have been just cold murder or this mohter could have suffort from serious depression, the baby could have had colic and wouldn’t stop crying, maybe hospital stuff wasn’t helping her cope with new baby, service in state hospitals are poor, no one can argue about that, but whatever the reason was, this could have been prevented, if the mother was given treatment unless like I said, she just killed the baby out of pure haterd.


Always remember, you have optoins to get help, and talk to someone that you can trust. I will do a second post on this, symptoms of depression and what you can use to help and where to get help.



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